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Posted by Hello Word on Thursday, October 13, 2011

For those who are bored can be a small earnings from online businesses like Google AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika etc, maybe this way you can use to boost your income. A "classic way" nan simple but when applied to get earning $ 10 or even more you can get.

This technique uses the technique of "shoot the keyword" alias write posts that are hot topics happening in this world, by utilizing the news is still fresh it will be many netters seek information through the internet using search engines (especially Google), and if your blog contains the text in it then you're likely to get a great visit to your blog and certainly expected a lot of clicks over to you.

Here's how:

Visit the websites of foreign news. There are some web news can be visited such as,,,,, etc..
Search the news is fresh and the 'hot'. For those of you who are accustomed to listening to gossip news you can find out where my news is still fresh and hot so it attracts people to know.
Read and re-write the news. Read more and re-write the news in your blog posts so as to produce a unique alias is different from the original source, create a nice and easy to read, try to have "5 W's + 1 H".
Spread across multiple social bookmarking site. Once written then spread your writing in some social bookmarking like,, etc. so that your writing is seo optimized and as a promotion to another netter.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Quetions)

1. Why not use Google Trends?

Answer: Google Trends displays news that are hot in a vulnerable time but did not predict which one will be hot news, so if you wait for the topic on Google Trends is an emerging topic topic is no longer fresh, then it should direct to the site to get news news is fresh and hot.

2. Must frequently check the news sites?

Answer: Yes, this trick relies on SPEED in getting the news to your blog, then that trick is suitable for full-time blogger alias that has a lot of time using the internet so it can control the incoming news.

3. What if the copy-paste the news?

Answer: DO NOT copy-paste the origin because the results are UGLY and might even diban your blog by Google and you get the problem of copyright infringement. Make writing a good and unique, try also escaped detection in copy and paste.

4. What are the disadvantages of this trick?

Answer: This trick can be said to be the technique of "hit and run" that can increase your AdSense earnings in an instant, but due to the temporary hot news then you need to be frequently looking for fresh news, so your earnings can be stable and continue to rise. Each story has its own characteristics, there are only lasted a day but some are already in the news a month is still a hot and sought after by many people.

5. Does this trick is a trick increase traffic on the blog?

Answer: You could say yes, because one of the recipes have a high earning on the internet is to multiply the traffic on the blog, but this trick usually specifically for high traffic bersfiat while, then it should continue to get the news you're hot to stabilize your earnings.

6. Is powerful to use the services content writer?

Answer: I use the services of content writers content writers alias to do this trick, by paying $ 2 per article / article per 400 words. Using a content writer can be powerful if the author quickly in getting the news fresh and hot, but if too long then it becomes not fresh news anymore, then it's written his own try.

Here you should be able to count to calculate the income you earn and your expenses. I personally get the occasional losses due to the news I post is less fresh, so less competitive in the search engines.

7. How many stories are written per day?

Answer: Not necessarily, sometimes a day 1 to 3 posts with the length of each article 200-500 words, but sometimes posts every 2-3 days, essentially no limit because this trick is a trick "hit and run", the more often you get good news, the more often you increase your earnings.

Additional tricks I try to join some online business so that the sources of your income on a blog to grow and your income more than doubled ... good luck:)
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